Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

Wills India Sari Fashion Week in New Delhi ended successfully with a very glamorous style in the spring. It has all the splendor and splendor which London Paris and New York Fashion Weeks want. More than 70 fashion designers from across the country took part in Fashion Week showcasing their collections worn by 40 models. This Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring-Summer is one of FDCI’s ‘first’ acts as a platform to promote ‘The Business of Fashion’ and facilitate communication between designers and consumers in India and around the world. fashion style and trends

Lifestyle India Fashion Week:

This is the first time since its inception six years ago that Wills Lifestyle India Fashion. Week has been launch in a global way to cover so two parts of the annual market – Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer. As a result nearly 75 high-end Indian fashion designers have been able to present theirs. Spring-Summer Prêt and Diffusion collections to prominent names among consumers the media and fashionistas both Indian and international. Launched openly as ‘Fashion’s Grandest Celebration’ Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week attracts buyers and media from all over the world. The event served as a place to introduce some of the participating designers  so who were selling with great. So success in global retail chains like Be Shoppers’ Stop Kamara Pantaloons. Selfridges Browns Maria Luisa Tsum Harrods and and many more.

Appearance at the Rohit Bal exhibition:

On the opening day of the event Arjun Rampal made a cameo appearance at the Rohit Bal exhibition. The first day of WLIFW consists of  so collections from Manish Arora Rohit Gandhi-Rahul Khanna Jatin Kochhar and Rohit Bal. Jattin Kochhar’s ‘Swell Well’ collection has been donated to millions of mothers who will be in India and abroad. While her creation of this typical lady was basic in color silhouettes and style she brought a splash. Of men’s clothing and swimwear for both men and women which aimed to provide a complete prêt solution.Fashion Week

Pearl’s mother with a small knife:

Rohit Bal made a curve towards Nacre – Pearl’s mother with a small knife. She is known for her brilliant click of text and tone recordings for so the art of weaving baskets with refined thread pleading pinning setting Rohit pulling out a line of amazing long jackets bumble skirts worn jackets long skirts long jackets and jackets caftans shrugs boleros. It was Hollywood’s last glamor or whatever the Bollywood style that went down the street in women’s clothing.

Madame Butterfly collection:

Designers Swapan and Seema went on a rampage at WLIFW with the Madame Butterfly. Collection for Spring-Summer 2007 where there was a mix of east and west on their creative palettes. A threatening shirtwaist a  so knee-length skirt with slits on the sides a mini embroidered mini and a jumpsuit. In green with a crop bodice complete the western half. Known for their elegant saris and bridal gowns the two were not disappointed.

Fashion Badshah Manish Malhotra:

A beautiful ending at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week had a fashion Badshah. Manish Malhotra unveiling her flair at Spring-Summer 2007. A hipster-clad corset sparkled with a long skirt. From swimming in bikinis to swimsuits and embroidered covers Manish had it all. It was a mélange of colors Manish so worked with from beige nude white red blue red pink green to all combinations. The highlight of the game was the appearance of bright Bollywood stars Shahid Kapur wearing. A beautiful suit and Kareena Kapoor wearing a black net dress.Ashish Soni’s Spring-Summer 2007 collection inspired by the Nokia model Sirocco. Has entered the future with its sleek design and black white and medium gray tones. Volume has played an important role for Ashish as she opens the game with a white voile with


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