Parthian Saris – Maharashtra at Its Best

Parthian Saris – Maharashtra at Its Best


Parthian is an assortment of sari, named after the paithan district in Maharashtra state where they are woven by hand. Produced using fine silk, maharashtra it is considered as probably the most extravagant sari in Maharashtra.


The western locale of India makes shifted rich saris. Paithani and Lugade from Maharashtra, Bandhni from Gujarat and Rajasthan, Kota from Rajasthan are some of them. fashion style and trends


A paten (Paithani) is a gold and silk sari. In the recovery of Paithani weaving, the creation was situated towards trade necessities, while saris were delivered uniquely for refined purchasers. Paithani developed from a cotton base to a silk base. Silk was utilized in weft plans and in the lines, though cotton was utilized in the body of the texture.


Present day Paithani has no hint of cotton. Some time ago silk was imported from China. Presently Yahola and Paithan purchase silk from Bangalore. Paithani is described by lines of an angled square plan, and a pallu with a peacock plan. Plain just as spotted plans are accessible.


Among different assortments, single shaded and kaleidoscope-hued plans are likewise mainstream. The vivid impact is accomplished by utilizing one tone for weaving the long way and another for weaving widthwise. The tones commonly utilized are yellow, red, lavender, purple, sky blue, maroon, pearl pink, peacock blue, peacock green, yellowish green, violet red, high contrast, mirani and so forth




The pallu as a rule contains the plans like blooming pot, peacock and mathematical figures. It is said the paithani workmanship is over 2000 years of age, created in the then astonishing city of Pratisthan managed by the amazing satavahanas ruler Shalivahan now Paithan During the seventeenth century, head Aurangzeb belittled the weavers and the plans in this period came to be known as “Aurangzebi”.


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